Increase your lifts with this 5RM program

Been tinkering with programming that focuses on increasing your 5 rep max (RM, maximum weight you can lift for 5 clean reps) instead of the usual 1 RM. Why? Because I am human and like all, I get bored too! So, I switched this up and here’s my brand new 5RM program for the next 6 weeks.

If you’re in for an experiment or are simply looking for a refreshing (if you can ignore the growling and gnashing) program that will make you stronger, try this one out. It’ll make you strong. Period. And yes, if you increase your 5RM, your 1RM automatically goes up. But the thing about a one rep max is an all-out effort, it’s a hit or a miss for the most part. A five rep max on the other hand requires having total control of your body, reflexes and be strong enough to own that weight. requires you to master your own body and own that weight.

Now, that’s what I call real strength.

Here’s how the program goes:

Week 1 | 75% 5RM | 5/5

Week 2 | 80% 5RM | 5/5

Week 3 | 85% 5RM | 5/5

Week 4 | 90% 5RM | 5/5

Week 5 | 95% 5RM | 5/5

Week 6 | 100% 5RM | 5/5

Week 7 | Test your 5RM. Go for 5 to 10% more than your current RM. Don’t get greedy!

Note: reps/sets

The weights are sub-maximal by 5RM standards. It’s a percentage of your current 5RM. For example — if your 1RM is 100kg and your 5RM is 85kg, you’ll start with 63.75 (round it up to 65) kg on Week 1. That’s 75% of 85 kg.

I would also add another session that’s 75% of your current 5RM. So, 65kg but instead of 5/5 we will do 5/3 (5 reps for 3 sets). This weight and rep scheme will remain constant all through the 6 weeks.

I believe this is a pretty powerful program offering just the right volume and intensity to improve your 5RM. This program can work equally well for presses, bench and squats. Go for it and let me know how it goes.

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