Training vs Development

I try my best to read almost all of my emails. Except spam, of course! But then I must admit, I did learn a great deal of copywriting by reading all that spam. I’m not kidding!

This morning I received one of Tony Iannarino‘s weekly newsletter and found this gem:

Training is part of a plan to develop the mindset and skill sets that improve performance by changing beliefs and behaviors. But by itself, training isn’t enough.

Development includes training, but training doesn’t necessarily include development. Development requires the ongoing conversations, the coaching, the follow up and follow through, and the accountability.

The Sales Blog

As you can tell, the different isn’t just subtle. For years I’ve been running my microbusiness as a leadership development consultant because of a very simple reason — my work doesn’t just conclude towards the end of a workshop/training session. In fact, that’s where most of the leadership development initiatives actually begin.

If you (or someone you know has/) have the authority to influence professional development in your organization, please ensure your leaders don’t just get away with a one-off workshop for their yearly performance needs. They need more!

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