What fuels you?

It’s been a while since I’ve lamented (different from ranting, which I love to do almost everyday) publicly. Haven’t had a chance until now…

A friend recently borrowed my trusty Diesel car for an interstate trip. I swapped my car for his relatively new Petrol car since public transportation can never an option for me. (Takes up a lot of time! In all modesty, I don’t like the idea of being dependent on the next train. And let’s not forget how crowded Delhi Metro is!)

I had a fantastic time for the five days I drove my friend’s car. It was zippier and are much lighter than my car. And yes, if there’s something called “driving pleasure” I experienced it for sure.

I got my car back on the sixth day and drove to work. Guess what, the moment I put it on the first gear, I realized that I’d missed it so much! Seriously, despite the zippiness and lightness of a petrol car… I love the reliability and sturdiness of a diesel car.

Fundamentally speaking…  cars can be compared our personality types. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out — a petrol car can relate to youthfulness, aggression, lavishness and easygoing. A diesel car, on the other hand, can be rigid, frugal (yet expensive at times), calm but furious if needed, and they certainly aren’t easy going and can give you a hard time.

The government’s a little though on Diesel cars since they aren’t really eco-friendly. I agree with them, but our industries run on Diesel. And banning them isn’t a viable option, facilitating reliable alternatives (read: biodiesel) should be a serious consideration.

I think I’m Diesel. And my car suits my personality. (Or perhaps it’s the other way around.) It’s an ordinary car but I love it. It keeps me grounded and reminds me that with more power (torque!) comes more responsibility.

While driving my friend’s car around the city I remembered thinking, “well, my next car will be a petrol car!” But I changed my mind the moment I laid hands on my car again.

What fuels you?

P.S. This post’s been in my draft for the past 17 months… unsure why didn’t I publish it sooner…

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