Sometimes a rough week is exactly what you need

The past four days have been utterly frustrating. Couldn’t accomplish the big goals I had planned for the week. There were surprises, emergencies and pivots I had to either act on or consider. For someone who’s ultra careful about planning and productivity, it’s scary!

It’s also a great reminder that things can’t be perfect at all times. Life just happens and you have to roll with the punches. In fact, planning and productivity will only take you so far as your ability to take a beating and bouncing back is what’s going to differentiate you from the majority. Of course, that goes beyond getting things done. It’s the law that rules most of our lives but we fail to acknowledge it.

I needed the blows to be reminded that there are countless things that I have absolutely no control over. And the only thing I can do in those situations is to either roll with the punches (aka roll with the punches) or get knocked out of the game.

It’s still Tuesday and I’ve got a whole five days to make epic things happen! So, I can either sulk about the three days that have gone by or roll up my sleeves and get shit done. I choose the latter.

What would you choose?

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