Insights from coaching Gary Vaynerchuk

One of my favorite strength coaches, Jordan Syatt, chose to move on from being GaryVee’s personal trainer after 3 years of dedicated service… and I meant that literally! Jordan coached Gary every day of the week over the course of his contract anywhere and everywhere the latter took him! And that’s like all over the world!

And you thought your schedule was gruelling? Think again.

And what does Jordan do after quitting? Puts out this beautiful video documenting his learnings as GaryVee’s coach. Guess, what? He really listened to what his client was saying.

Some of the key learnings include:

  1. Push through the tough times and you’ll surprise yourself
  2. If you have insecurities, own them!
  3. If you think you’re working so hard… you probably aren’t working hard enough
  4. You don’t have to be at Westside to be as strong as one of the athletes there. Just train like you’re at the Westside and soon you will be as strong as one of them. Your mindset is what makes you strong.

Check out the video to hear Jordan’s story. It’ll make you think.

Coaching Gary Vaynerchuk

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