Another shot at minimalist stretching and mobility

I reread this great piece by Strength Coach/Philosopher, Dan John, on minimalistic stretching and mobility. You know I dig ‘minimal stuff’ because I’m lazy and I know doing more doesn’t mean it’s better.

He prescribes just two drills: the Windmill Stick and the Stoney Stretch. They’re both wonderful exercises for just about anything for your body. I feel so dang good after doing these each morning (after my OS resets, of course)!

Here’s how you do a Windmill Stick:

Dan John’s Windmill Stick

And here’s the Stoney Stretch:

The Stoney Stretch

Honestly, if you hate stretches and mobility drills, you must do these! Takes just 5 minutes and you’ll be good to go. A little bit goes a long way, remember?

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