Are we there yet?

It’s my 3 year-old’s favorite question. And the answer’s almost away, “no, not yet.” Interestingly, my response doesn’t change if a grown-up asks me the same question. Because despite our best efforts, the best intentions and the best possible scenarios, we’re almost always on the way towards the destination. Not exactly what we want to hear, I know, but we’ve got to face reality.

One of my biggest challenges is convincing the youth, peers and even people much senior to me is that there’s basically no end to this journey called life. Sure, we get into new and different phases of it but we’re never approaching the end game until it’s over for real. But you wouldn’t be reading this post if that was the case.

The degrees, diplomas, promotions, and transitions are all part of this massive expedition that will teach you not just new skills but also a lot about yourself. I believe that’s what true education is all about — learning on the go as we go about experiencing our lives. Now, I get it, just cruising along and hoping for the best can seem pointless, unnerving and unsettling at times, given the uncertainties of life. But check if we’re there yet isn’t a reassuring way to live either.

What gives?

Perhaps a change in the way we think? Instead of ‘are we there yet?’ why not ask ‘am I still excited to go the distance?’ That’ll keep your motivations in check while prompting you to think deeply of the reasons why you should keep on keeping on.

You only live once, afterall.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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