It’s not about the camera

I shared an album of my most recent trip to a hill station with one of my family members. He was quick to point out that there wasn’t even a single picture with me in the frame.

I confessed — I am camera shy but one of the most important aspect of photography isn’t the person in front of the camera but the one taking the picture. You see, pictures are nothing but a single person’s point of view. Sure the subject matters and often conveys a lot visually than is possible through sheer words. But photography is composed. It’s a creative act that’s gone haywire thank to the advent of mobile phones with cameras as advanced as modern day DSLRs.

While I won’t ever consider myself a photographer, I do think I’m a photojournalist who’s passionate about documenting life as he sees it. There’s a charm to it. It’s truly me and makes me quite happy.

Yes, I do get anal about things that most professional photographers nerd about but I don’t think ignoring those aspects would be the end of the world. That’s being sane — given the range of projects that I’m already invested in.

Perhaps that’s why it’s important to stay focused on the bigger picture (no pun intended) — you never know what stands out and becomes the subject of your interest. For me, it’s not about the sheer amount of projects that I’m involved with but how they help me evolve as a better person.

Simple. Right? Like I said, there’s always more than what meets the eye.

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