Start giving a damn

Flying economy isn’t an excuse to treat your customers like trash. Today I experienced, quite possibly, the worst international flight experience. And I’ve been doing that long enough to know the seats are a little narrower and the crew onboard didn’t demonstrate the pre-flight safety features.

If you think that was something, let me assure you, it wasn’t. They served us food about 45 minutes into the flight and that’s all there was to it! Nothing was served post that… Barring half a slice of white bread with mayo and chicken (I think) slathered in the middle.

But even that didn’t hurt — nobody even cared to even smile. Not even at an 8-month baby who was fascinated by the gorgeous (seemingly… Beauty is also felt) ladies in blue and yellow uniforms.

Perhaps it’s not their fault. It’s the company policy. And if it is, I’m afraid it’ll be stuck with the same old (type of) passengers it’s been carrying all along. Would they care if this company shuts down tomorrow? I don’t think so. Heck, you’ve got to give some love to get some, right? It’s never a one-way street.

Corporates spent millions each year to train their associates to deliver better customer service but is that even enough? I’m not sure. Eventually, it all boils down to nature vs nurture. The latter being the company (or even a nation’s) culture.

The reality is culture needs to be moulded to meet expectations of the global citizens who aren’t used to companies that don’t really care. And that includes me considering that I might be one the most ignorant customer for any service provider. I’m not stepping on that company’s aircraft ever again.

Would it matter in the bigger scheme of things? I’m not sure. But it sure does matter to me because I give a damn!

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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