Working off of your cellphone

So my laptop ran out of juice and I can’t even charge it as I forgot my travel adaptor and the one that the concierge gave me isn’t a 220v travel adaptor but a 110v one. (I’m in Poland on business and to attend a workshop this week. And trust me, I don’t have a clue what’s that 110v doing here. Europe has 220-240v if I’m not wrong.)

What I’ve realised is working off of your cellphone takes real determination to get things done, which I did. But I still have an itch to be scratched — where the hell can I get a 220v travel adaptor to get by laptop in order once again. Looking around hasn’t been successful so far but I’m not backing out until I find it.

And if I don’t find it, I’ll continue to work like this. It’s irritating but also liberating because you still have something to fall back on. We didn’t have this a few years back and I knew how it felt to be away from your laptop (not sure if you’ve realised this, I’m a hardcore workaholic… Not obessed, just a couple of notches below).

I’m grateful that I can still get most of the things I want to albeit on a much, much smaller screen. But one can’t have it all, right? Something’s gotta give somewhere and it better be here than being stranded in a no-man’s island hoping for a miracle to save you. That’s a terrible way to live! I’d rather be here being able to communicate via any medium than stay stuck somewhere unknown.

Just feeling grateful that I’m able to write despite not being able to hammer it away on my trusty laptop.

P.S. this feels like dejavu — I may have said this or have written about this before. If you’ve read that, great! If you haven’t, well, you can read this version now.

P.P.S. I don’t particularly like watching/streaming movies on my phone though. Perhaps I need some getting used to.

By Sunil Nair

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