It gets better overtime

After a physically gruelling day at bodyweight workshop, my friend and I stopped by a coffee shop to relax for a while.

We ordered our usual and settled down for a chat. And just out of the blue he asked, “how do you manage all the things you do?” The question kind of baffled me because I’m one of those who’s never happy with what I’ve achieved. Nonetheless, he made me think hard.

Earlier this morning we learned how beginners have to create a lot more tension in their body to execute a flawless pushup (the regular, one hand and one hand one leg variants) and a lot less as they gain proficiency and master their own body weight. The same can be said about our habits, particularly work habits.

I know most of us like to go with the flow and get just enough done to go inbox-zero (or a version thereof). And then there are some with endless projects and neverending priorities. The latter were just like the former until one day they decided to push their limits to the next level.

Of course, that didn’t change things overnight. They went through a whole cycle of changes, stressed, and adaptations to what they’d consider ‘moderately productive.’ But the stress levels they’d put in earlier to what they’re putting in now is way different. The rating (on a scale of 1-10) is much lower than what it used to be.

Does that mean they’ve arrived or have achieved it all? Absolutely, no! They’d continue to push to greater heights to achieve mastery, which as you already know is a journey that ends when your life does.

So, yeah, I’m fortunate enough to get a boatload done in a single day but I don’t do a 1000 things together. You’ll need to prioritise and focus on the one that matters the most right now. And that’s some practice.

If you’re new, don’t worry, just accept this it’ll be hard at first but will get better overtime.

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