You’re a rebel? Great! How are you making a difference?

I love it when I meet and see people wearing their attitudes on their sleeves. You know what I’m talking about — it’s just out there and it’s so cool! Also, it’s quite reflective of their personal values, which I truly admire. Not every one (millenial or otherwise) are able to do that. Most of us are way too stuck in the practicalities of life that we forget to live. And that’s a shame.

I had an interesting conversation with two people at a coffee shop recently. I really don’t recall the context just that it happened (perhaps they were wearing an AC/DC t-shirt and a had a Heavy Rock 2019 band on their wrists). I had an outstanding time knowing them and admiring their courage to be different despite the odds (they were in their leather clad jackets with maroon/dark pink hair and tattoos all over their arms and neck). The crux of the conversation was that they just wanted to be free and do odd jobs to support their lifestyle.

There were no mention of a solid career plan or a vision of the future that could sustain their lifestyle. I’m not sure if they had one. That’s a bummer, really. Realising your values is a great thing but living them comes at a great sacrifice — your time for the money you earn to support yourself and your family/loved ones. But you can’t go around sacrificing your time unless you can prove that you can create value for your potential employer.

Mind you these are bring young 20 something ladies who have the better part of their future ahead of them. But they’re stuck between living their values and expressing their values with absolutely nothing by way of making a difference. I was tempted to ask ‘what value do they think you’re creating with this lifestyle?’ But I didn’t. Wasn’t quite appropriate. And it was none of my business to coach on their lifestyle and the choices they’ve made so far. Unless, of course, they hire me.

Sorry, I digressed.

My point is this — every rebel out there wants to make a difference. Dressing the part is only part of the equation. Creating value by utilizing their talents and abilities to the service of others or a bigger cause (via organizations) is the other part that makes their life a meaningful whole.

Guess what, even Jessica Jones is a rebel clad in leather with a bad-ass attitude but she’s making a difference in her own way.

Just saying.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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