What matters is that you care, not who cares

Content essentially is a matter of perspective — mine, yours or someone else’s. And everyone’s entitled to have one and most importantly share one as and when they can. I think doing that will make the world a better place. Period.

I started blogging just for kicks. Then I got disciplined. And then a little more. And then I decided to just make it part of my daily life. Why? Because I’m one of those who just can’t thinking about random stuff that may/maynot matter to me or someone else but I think it’s important enough to be documented somewhere for someone else to read sometime in future.

But I honestly think I waited too long, thanks to my perfection gap. I was using ‘quality’ as an excuse to not doing anything. And if I were my own employee, I would have fired my ass off! I would say that was an utterly stupid phase of my life. I still don’t have a clue whom I was trying to impress.

What I’ve come to realise is that ‘whatever gets in our way is just an excuse to postpone a fantastic reality into a bleak future. We spend a lot of time trying to perfect things that don’t have to be.

You don’t have to wait to start exercising, eating well, sharing your thoughts (blog, podcasts, vlogs), travel or even managing your money. I would say instead of thinking who cares about what you do consider caring enough about what you’re doing. And you do that, everything else would fall in place.

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