A week without training is like…

The last thing I had in my mind before I set out to follow my 3-week itinerary. Of course, I knew I wouldn’t have access to the gyms as they would be far and wide from where I would be staying. And because I wasn’t just at one place, walking into a new gym every third day didn’t seem ideal. I was counting on bodyweight training and had it all mapped out. But I realised it’s a great way to train when you don’t have roommates. (Okay, I feel awkward doing a bunch of calisthenic moves in front of strangers.)

So, the past one week I haven’t been training but just walking — a lot. And boy, I don’t know how runners live with themselves but I definitely don’t think mere cardio (running or walking, the fast kind I do) is enough. You ought to lift weights. Everyone should be we all were meant to be so much stronger than we are.

I’ll get back to my routine (bodyweight only for the next one week before I transition to kettlebells and barbells again) starting tomorrow but I can’t wait to step into the gym and train again. Call me crazy but I believe being physically active is one of the best investments you can do to your health, career and life in general. I know because it sure has changed mine for the good.

To me training is like preparing myself mentally and physically to take on the toughest challenge the world can throw at me. And believe me, there’s nothing tougher than squatting 315 or more pounds on your back. There won’t be anything tougher than deadlifting 405 or more pounds off the floor. If you’ve done that everything else is a mere formality.

Ready for game day?

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