Most people don’t want to be hustled

I was rewatching an old (3 years) AskGaryVee Show featuring Seth Godin. And I’m so glad I did because the clip oozes wisdom and insight on marketing, content and the internet as we know it. But the best part was Seth’s explanation of markets:

There isn’t one market. There are many markets. you can sell to any market that wants to be a ‘pickup artists, hustler, whatever.’ But please understand that’s your market. Don’t call me because I’m not in your market. My argument is that most people especially the ones whom you want to be trusted by don’t want to be hustled. Most people I care about don’t want to be hustled. Being hustled makes you feel bad.

Seth Godin on the #AskGaryVee Show

Pearls of wisdom, right? A powerful reminder that a chunk of your audience won’t care because they aren’t in your market. At the same time there’s another chunk that care enough that they might take offence with all that hustle of yours. So, tread lightly.

I think earning trust is what will move your needle now and in the future. You will have to keep giving value way longer than you would be asking (for a sale). Perhaps, you should hustle your way to give more than your competitors in the market. Not because you want to grow your ‘list’ but build your credibility as a value creator who is generous enough to share it with people who care.

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