Slowing things down can be productivity but definitely boring

I spent a good 5 hours listening to an audiobook this morning. It was hard. Really hard. Not because the content was boring but I wasn’t trying to do anything else at all! Can you imagine just listening to an audiobook while you just sit on your couch/recliner/chair or walk around the room and do nothing else?

Was that strange? Hard? Painful, perhaps?

I experienced a combination of emotions (can’t quite explain what) and felt grossly uncomfortable the first hour and a half before my mind accepted that it’s to focus just on what’s been said right into my ears. And then, I calmed down. It was as if I was meditating, except I wasn’t but listening intently on what’s been said. Took notes. Paused the audiobook and reflected on my notes and what I’d heard.

Honestly, it was quite a profound experience despite the initial boredom I’d experienced. It was as if my mind opened a new pathway within my brain that’s so much capable than the usual route it’s so much used to. And all I had to do was just do one thing.

I’ve had similar instances before where I’d experienced stunning productivity and outstanding results by just scaling down on the volume of things that I do. Instead of multiple things, I focus on just one thing and keep at it until it’s done. It’s just magical to see your tasks list disappearing into oblivion.

What pulls me back to my usual way (juggling with a dozen or two things at once) of getting things done? It’s exciting, thrilling and keeps me on my toes. Most importantly, it’s thoroughly entertaining compared on working on just one thing at a time.

Essentially, I believe productivity boils down to your preference for experiencing entertainment or getting a high by boring yourself with just one thing. It’s a matter of preference. No one way is better than the other because productivity is unique to our individual needs. And if it’s ain’t broken, I don’t see a point in fixing it.

Do you?

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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