Are you taking enough risks lately?

You should. It’s what drives people to go the extra mile, get creative, be more resourceful and/or innovative. History has it — necessity has been the mother of all innovations. I believe taking risks spikes up the level of constraints which in turn creates necessity.

The challenge is that people hate to take risks. Everyone wants to be safe in their shells. Because that’s their normal. And normal is comfortable. My problem with being comfortable is that it makes you complacent and weak. So much so that even the slightest shift (let alone disruption) can shake things up real bad for you.

The biggest risk is to not take any risks.

And by risks, I don’t mean financially risky or even physically risky. Just risky enough to provoke your ego, pride and intellect because that affects your evolution as a person. From who you are to who you want to be.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable. But you better get used to it now than be shell-shocked when catastrophe (metaphorically speaking) hits you.

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