On alternatives

There are many and one for anyone and everyone out there. Yes, you too! So long as you keep looking. Or just make one up!

I used to be a heavy metal and hard rock aficionado during my teens but got fed up eventually by the time I was 20. Then I found alternative music, specifically alternative metal and alternative rock. And I’ve never looked back. Not that I don’t listen to mainstream anymore, I do, but my musical taste has evolved beyond what’s popular and now ranges from indie to world music to Jazz to Bluegrass! But most of the time, its alternative music.

I really don’t know how to define it. Broadly speaking, the music just different in sound and sense (and even ethos) from what you hear in mainstream.

Beyond music, especially these days, you can get an alternative for every damn thing! All you need to do is just think! We now have alternative fuel, alternative facts, alternative lies, alternative strategy, alternative plans, alternative options (I know it’s redundant, but you get the point) and heck, even alternative lives!

What do you do with all these alternatives? Is that even a good thing?

Fundamentally I believe it’s great to have so many options because it gives you and I the freedom to make a choice. The one that serves our purpose or perhaps if you’re the altruistic kind, for the common good of all.

Of course, the alternative is to let other make a choice for you. But you would want that?

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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