Execution is all that matters

You and I know ideas are dime a dozen. Yet I’m amazed at the value that’s placed on ‘great ideas.’ Not that anything’s wrong with it but I believe there’s a time and place for ideas, which if dragged on forever have the potential to become far-fetched dreams. Simply because everyone was busy ideating instead of taking action.

I once heard James Altucher mention his daily practice of writing down 10 ideas. He admits that most of them are shitty ideas and the ones that have the potential to become a supernova needed someone to take action on it. And nobody does. Of course, James is too busy to go after every idea that he cranks out. For him, it’s about ‘working out’ that idea muscle. He’ll also be in the first in line to tell you that ideas matter but not as much as action.

I’ve had this dream of building a dwarf of an empire on the side doing what I love — helping people become exceptional individuals and leaders. The challenge was the I was just too busy dreaming things up. I must’ve filled a dozen notebooks with ideas on the what, when, where, why and how I’m going to build the business. Unfortunately, none of what I’d planned for ever happened because I never bothered to action on the ideas. It was as if I was expecting osmosis to do the work for me and create some passive income (which, by the way, doesn’t exist).

Upon reflection, I realised that the reason why I failed to execute was because deep down I had this fear of failure, being judged, and being uncomfortable. Heck, I think was also afraid of being successful! How the hell am I suppose to handle all that success and the wealth that comes with it? Who am I to be successful? I was the son of a blue-collar government employee after all!

I was playing my life’s script without realising that I did have the power to edit or just trash it and create a new one.

Was it easy after I’d realised what was happening? Nope. In fact, it made it more difficult to get started but I knew all I need to do was get started and let the momentum do its magic. And that’s exactly what happened.

Instead of focusing on the big picture and get the 100 things out of my way, I aimed to get just one damn thing done. And then something else, then another and onwards. Boy, it helped! A lot! I never knew going slow would help me speed things up, in terms of progress. Didn’t realise that you grow when you face yours fears and get going anyway. I didn’t have to wait to be successful to acknowledge my growth as an individual. All the world’s growth was in the process! Not outside of it.

One of my biggest revelation, however, was that the world’s full of people that can’t stop talking about their ‘game-changing’ ideas. The wisest among them pay a premium on executing their ideas and make a great living than talk about them.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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