A global crises doesn’t have to be your crises

Can you count the times any of the previous world-wide crises’ has had a direct impact on you or your business? Notice I used the word “impact,” not just affect. If your answer is minimal or barely or a variant thereof, thanks for your honestly. Because the majority of the people would treat a global crises like a personal crises even if there’s just no correlation. I sometimes feel we love to make tragedies out of other people’s crises’, which is sad.

I was reading a book on staffing/recruitment where the author shares a story of a leader complaining about the “shortage of talent across the world” and how that’s affecting his company badly. The author’s response was classic, “whose problem do you really want to solve?” Implication: the world’s or your company’s? You know what the answer was, don’t you?

It’s important to have the right mindset when tackling challenges. Passing on the blame to a global or national crises isn’t going to solve any of your or your business’ challenges. It’s almost always beyond the scope of our influence. So, what gives? The right mind-space to work towards a resolution that focuses on the aspects that are totally in your control.

For individuals, that’s behaviours and for businesses, it’s mostly systems and processes.

I believe the right frame of mind and a pig-headed discipline to make it work can thwart any global and/or economic crises. And that’s because every imaginable challenge has a creative resolution somewhere out there. We just ought to have faith to know that we’re going to get there no matter what.

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