You have to make an effort to make it all work

One great thing aspect about life is that it’s subjective. We cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach to even families living under the same roof! Sure, the priorities may be the same but how we experience life as it happens is quite different. There’s just no comparison!

The ‘secrets’ of living a successful life, however, are pretty universal. And that’s what puzzles me the most. How the hell can they be universal when we and our lives are so darn different? I wish I knew the answer.

What I do know is that each aspect that’s dear to us have a price/cost attached to it. And we’ve got to pay for it, whether we like/afford it or not. Of course, there are times when our actions push us to make a compromise but I believe that’s universe’s way to balance things out. After all, the state where “too much of a good thing” is all too common.

Our actions have the power to change outcomes, relationships and our fortunes. We know that. Yet, we leave the most important decisions to chances or compromises and worst, our moods (read: procrastination).

Whoever said, “fortune favours the brave” was a smart person. Because it takes real courage to go out in the world and actually make a concentered effort to make one’s life, relationships and career work. Heck, the world is full of these brave men whom we admire. We even want to replicate their successes in life and love but don’t want to work that hard!

Let me tell you, it won’t come to you in a platter. You’ve got to make the effort and do the work to make it work. And there’s no such thing called smart work, short cuts or passive income.

*P.S. I guess I could’ve summed up the whole thing with the last paragraph but then, that’s not the point.

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