On job descriptions

It stuns me how most job postings out there suck. A majority of them are outright trash while most are horrendous. Thankfully, there are a few that have earned the right to be nominated for FBI’s most wanted list.

And then you expect great candidates to show up at your door? Yeah, dream on. If you’re among the morons who say, “it’s worked in the past…” my advise will be to quit your job and set up a place in the nearest museum you can find. You’ll be a treasure for the national archives.

Listen, it’s clear that neither the professional networks (LinkedIn and others) nor the Job Boards (including the swankiest and zippiest ones) aren’t going to moderate your content. Their job is to give you a platform and let their AI do the work for you and earn them profits. They won’t proofread, copyedit or advise you on the type of content you should be posting on their platform. Yes, the free articles and the templates on their blog helps but only so much.

As a recruiter, your responsibility is to make an effort to give the incumbent candidate a clear picture. And believe me, your output (the job description) is directly related to the input (the candidates that apply). Think about the time you’ll waste screening candidates who’re miles away from the actual requirement.

Speaking of which, narrowing down on your requirements and specifying exactly what you need sets you apart from the other openings out there. It speaks volumes about your employer brand and the work culture. More than people, particularly the recruitment and HR divisions, would like to think about.

Yes, a highly customised job description means a lot less applications but that is okay. Why? Because you were upfront about your expectations and the chances that the applicants meet your standards are much higher. And that’s exactly the opposite of what we get when we post a generic job description.

I believe having more options isn’t better. Having a clear vision of the ideal candidate you want to hire definitely is. And a clear and focused job description is a great start.

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