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So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Mostly around my podcast. It’s an active project that I’m keen to take off the ground but haven’t been able to. And it’s not because of the logistics but the value I really wish to create.

I’m in the process (a long one that involves a lot of thinking) of digging deeper to clarify the what, why and how of this very important professional project that I’m going to undertake. The hope is to come out with gems that will help me create something meaningful to the listeners out there without getting into the trap of the perfection gap.

Thought of sharing an exercise I did earlier today as I made me think a level deeper about this project that I’ve done before.

What makes your podcast different from everything else out there?
I think every podcast out there has something unique to offer. And it starts with the host. Mine wouldn’t be any different in that context. But besides my unique experiences, I think the people I’m trying to bring in are what’ll make the podcast truly unique. Their life’s experiences along with the tools, tactics and strategies that we discuss will be immensely valuable to the listener who’s either an aspiring leader or is a leader who wants to create a deeper impact at the workplace/society.

What change are you trying to make with your podcast?
The cultures at our workplaces are getting toxic. And irrespective of the company size, we need leaders who can not only facilitate but also be the custodians of meaningful change. Unfortunately, most don’t know how or aren’t equipped to do something about the situation or are heavily relying on something to happen at the top.

The real question is what needs to happen to develop leaders at every level? All they need is enough motivation and information (the tools, tactics and strategies) to get started. What if the podcast serves as a medium to kickstart this change?

Why are you uniquely suited to produce and host this podcast?
I personally think I’m a big-time failure who’s done pretty good for himself and his family. If you’ve read Scott Dilbert’s “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” and thought the ideas were ridiculous, let me assure you, it’s not. Having dabbled in a lot of things (I still am and don’t think I’ll ever stop) and having picked up numerous valuable skills on the way I’m a living proof that the ideas work. (I think Dave Epstein calls this having “Range.”)

That said, all that dabbling has helped me find my true calling — helping people develop the leaders within and around them. I think my unique life experience and perspective can attract the right people with whom I can collaborate and help people lead intentionally.

What do you hope to learn by creating this podcast?
Through the podcast I hope to learn to be a better leader, teacher and a human being.

How do you put more you into it?
I had this weird idea — have 11 episodes per season, of which, 10 would be interviews and the 11th one being a masterclass. This last one would cull out and summarise all the key learnings from the previous 10 episodes and blend those with some of my insights, learnings and points of view. That’ll help me add a whole lot of me into the podcasts making it truly valuable for the listener. I think of this as an extended keynote that’s jam-packed with learnings that people can use at their workplace/life.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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