It’s just week 4 and I’m so bored with hypertrophy training

I’m not sure if all strength athletes feel this way. I most certainly do. Been focusing on hypertrophy (think “muscles” and “physique”) training for the past four weeks. It’s been fun but not as hard as my usual training is. That said, there are a boat load of exercises that I just can’t seem to remember off hand.

Perhaps it’s the minimalist in me (or that lazy asshole who can dominate my soul at times), I decided to switch back to the basics. I still will be focusing on hypertrophy but instead of a dozen exercises, I’m focusing on just 3 per session with a 10 minute cardio (with kettlebells, of course!) and pull-up training. It’s sweet, simple and effective.

Let me be clear — the conventional hypertrophy training is quite effective for muscular development. That, however, has never been my focus. The only thing that matters to me are my core (power)lifts — technical and physical proficiency. Yes, I sure can benefit from doing beach work (curls, calfs and abs) but I’m not confident if those showy muscles would actually help my lifts or get me stronger than I am right now.

The decision also had to do with productivity — I can’t be spending 10 hours a week in the gym (2 hours x 4-5 sessions). Yes, my warm-ups have become lengthier but looking back, I would rather do them than get injured. Also, it allows me to practice the get-ups everyday, so I don’t mind at all! But besides that, I don’t think 90 minutes for a workout does any justice.

I get the feeling I’ll have more fun in the upcoming weeks than the ones that went by. The exercises have been carefully chosen to act as accessory and supplementary work for the main lifts. I definitely feel this one’s more purposeful (perhaps it’s all in my mind), which is exactly what I need knowing that I will be participating in March 2020’s Tactical Strength Challenge.

Lots of work needs to be done and the time’s limited. The most important question when it comes to physical endeavour is this: what the hell are your training for?

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