This might not work!

I’ve been at it for the past several months but haven’t had a chance to prioritize it up until now. I’m actively working on launching my next big professional project — the This Might Not Work podcast. I stole the title from Seth Godin. I’ve seen and heard him talk about “what might work” (he wrote a book about this) and “what might not.”

The premise is pretty simple — while it’s possible for businesses (and even non-profits) to build a successful product and/or a service based on avatars; entreprenuers, artists and the creative types can’t work like that. If you do, you’re a hack. A sell-out. Not exactly the labels an artist would like to be associated with. So, the best way for an artist is to take the lead and create/build something for the audience.

The audience doesn’t know what it wants but it’s the artist’s job to sell the idea, tell them why they need to check out what’s she has created. The audience would know if they want it or not. Which still sounds like a gamble but that’s exactly the point — it might not work. You may bomb big time but that’s okay. Because staying “ahead of the curve” is more important than pandering to “what the audience wants.” All the “hits” are made when the creators are ahead of the curve, not behind.

My podcast’s purpose is to profile some of the finest leaders who stayed ahead of the curve and gave the audience more value than they’d aspired for. These individuals took risks by going against the tide while staying true to their purpose. My hope is to document their learnings and discovering to help us (you and me!) learn and grow into being better human beings. These long-form, in-depth and wide-ranging conversations will give you an unfiltered view of what it takes to truly become world-class, to master your craft, and decode excellence.

The stage is set and you’ll hear more about this soon.

P.S. I’m still figuring out how best to embed podcasts in this blog than buy another domain and use that as a dedicated space for my podcast. It’s a tough decision but I’ll resolve this by next week.

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