How Tobias Lütke built Shopify

I first heard this episode earlier this year and then again a couple of days back.

I first heard this episode on NPR’s How I built This podcast earlier this year and then again a couple of days back. I was driving when the episode finished and I couldn’t resist but pullover my car and make a note to share it here!

One of the learnings I’ve had while listening was how Tobias’ belief in his vision helped him find the initial seed money to grow what has now become one of the biggest e-commerce business! He’s possibly the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever come across. And here’s the best part — despite his millions (or billions rather) he’s got a side-hustle selling socks!

If you’re an entrepreneur or an employee with some influence at a start-up do give this episode a listen. You’ll love it! Lots of insights to be gained on the trials and tribulations of kick-starting a new ventures, the caveats, the wins and losses but most importantly how one’s belief wins it for them at the end of the day.


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