The easy way to make hard decision

I’m not sure if you love making hard decisions as much as I do. I’m sort of obsessed. But the reason I love doing that is because I’m a problem solver to the core. That’s my top strength, meaning I’m naturally talented at it and have built it as one of my core strengths over the course of all these years.

Of course, there are countless problem solving frameworks out there. Any of them would serve your purpose should there be a problem you would like to solve. From my experience, I almost always default to asking questions.

Not just asking any question but specific questions related to purpose. What’s the purpose behind this initiative or decision we’re trying to make? Why are we doing what we’re doing? These two seemingly simple questions are powerful enough to keep a team of well-accomplished professionals and experts brood for hours. Yes, for hours!

Why? Because change isn’t comfortable. And questioning one’s purpose pushes people out of their comfort zones because it exposes their intent, motives and agendas. In fact, I’ve seen people violently react to the “why” (or purpose) questions! It’s uncomfortable for everyone but I believe it’s worth risking a few minutes of distress over a lifetime of pain and regret.

Our decision making criteria can be as simple or complicated as we would like it. But I think with so much complexity in our lives, is it worth bothering with one more thing that’s difficult to understand? You don’t have to have a headache to solve a problem. Keep it simple — start with why do you do what you do? And work from there.

Believe me, the answers will come if you’re ready for it.

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