The best you can do with all you’ve got…

I’ve been reflective of my limitations these past few months. Everyone’s got them. I’m pretty sure you’ve got a bunch that keeps you on your toes too. The challenge is to accept them and modify your lifestyle around those limitations. Because it hurts.

Despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to do any (well, almost, barring a couple of occasions here and there) mastermind training programs and speaking this year. A lot of coaching, yes, but not in the exact proportion I had in mind at the beginning of 2019. And that’s a good problem to have — I’ve finally found the best way to impact lives.

That said, I still would want to decide what to do with the other modalities that I have been delivering all these years:

  1. Speaking — love it just as much as I love coaching, so will continue to pursue opportunities. I find this a super-compact way to deliver a powerful message and connect with people (including prospects at times). As of today, I’m half way through developing two brand new keynotes on leadership. Super-excited to share this with the masses.
  2. Training — I think it makes sense to wind down this aspect of my business to focus on a curriculum-based group coaching (I call them mastermind coaching sessions). Why? I don’t think half-a-day or four-day workshops are effective. I’m better off having a medium to long-term (6 to 12 months) engagements where I get to train a focused group on certain aspects and then coach them as well. This blend of training and coaching is much more powerful than training only. Moreover, it’s something I always advice stakeholders anyway. Now, I won’t have to since this is the only option they have!

So, essentially here’s what I’m offering right now:

  1. Speaking – keynotes (60 to 90 minutes), lunch and learns (45 minutes)
  2. Coaching
    1. Mastermind Coaching – a curriculum-based group coaching program with a minimum commitment of 6 months (goes up to 12 months).
    2. Executive Coaching – coaching senior leaders and all the way to the C-suite. Long-term engagement only.
    3. Individual Coaching — one-on-one coaching with committed high-potentials. Engagement options include 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

And that’s it!

The key lesson is simply this — focusing on the minimum viable audience with the minimum offerings is often the most stress-free way to create an impact. Sure, you can always scale it up later but you don’t always have to. Sometimes, it’s just not worth it.

To paraphrase Steve Jobs, “we must remember that our time is limited, so let’s not waste living someone else’s life.” Unlike the information product gurus and internet marketers out there, I don’t want to make millions but I sure do want to impact many millions.

If you’re keen to engage with me for coaching or want to bring me in to speak to a group, contact me. I’ll be happy to serve.

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