Generosity isn’t a strategy

The list of people who create content daily is much smaller than the ones who create content often. The former lot may/may not show up higher in search rankings the rankings. Some may not show up at all. And that’s totally okay for the majority of them as their livelihoods aren’t dependent on the content they create.

Now that’s one heck of a differentiating factor! Because at present, most content is created with the marketing funnel in mind. Hoping that one of these days one of your readers would click on something that will push them to the next stage of your customer acquisition process. It’s quite intentional and I believe an excellent way to provide value. If done right.

Creating content daily requires a different mindset. It’s got less (nothing, perhaps) to do with marketing funnels, customer acquisition or search ranking but more to do with providing value by sharing your thoughts, observations, and arguments with an audience that’s keen or know what you’ve got to say. It doesn’t matter if you’re blogging, podcasting or even v-logging everyday. The essence remains the same — your courage to show up on the platform and give away some of your best thoughts.

That’s my way of practicing generosity without trying too hard (and I’m lazy!). And no, this isn’t a strategy. If it were, I too would be posting something “valuable” once or twice a week, have advertisements or funnels or shameless plugs in place to build that email list. Not that anything’s wrong with that but I can’t possibly be focused on those “results” and still be “giving.”

Creating value is subjective. And so is purpose. While marketing purists won’t get why anyone wouldn’t want to promote a daily blog (like this one or the thousand others out there) or a v-log or a podcast like crazy, they do understand showing up everyday isn’t easy. Because they know when the goal is fiscally-driven, you’re thinking too much about what you need to create so that you can visit the bank often.

Can you see the difference?

This is precisely why I believe being generous is us just being our human selves. There’s no strategy to it unless you make one out of it but then that’s not so generous anymore, right? And most importantly, your readers would know what you’re upto. It’s just so damn predictable.

I like Gary Vee’s approach to creating content and building true fans “jab, jab, jab, and right hook.” I would keep jabbing a whole lot longer because that’s who I am.

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