We haven’t got it all figured out yet

There isn’t a thing such a true expert because the ones who are always strive to evolve and get to the next level. The non-experts or the lay person have a similar journey to consider — a long way to go before they figure things out and when they do, they’ll realise there’s so much more to know!

Irrespective of your intellectual status, it’s important to accept this reality. It helps you to stay grounded and be realistic with your expectations.

When I have conversations with individuals (thankfully, the corporates get this aspect of expertise) for a coaching engagement, the expectation almost always is to ‘fix their lives.’ I can’t do that because I’m not a life coach (and no, thank you, I don’t want to become one). I, however, can help them gain clarity, identify their natural strengths and help them use it best via an individualised development plan. That’s practical and tactical compared to helping them find their true meaning of life. I’ve talked about this before, it’s a self-exploratory exercise that requires a lot of time and space.

Most importantly, I don’t know how to help you find true meaning. Although, it’s something few of my clients have been able to do but they’ve also come to realise that one’s purpose can become a moving target as you evolve as a person. Thankfully, they’ve accepted the fact that they don’t know what the next evolution of their purpose would be like. Which is great! Because it’s okay to not know.

I think we end up doing a lot of stupid things (like spending a lot of money, time and resources) by hoping to know the ‘secrets’ or ‘tactics’ that will let you know more than the next person and shortcut the ‘learning curve’ for you. It’s a great idea! Just that it doesn’t work as well as we intend to, unfortunately. I guess life’s got a way of unfolding things at the right place and the right time. We really can’t will our way to live it on our terms.

You can know so much more if you just be a student, learn from your daily experiences and enjoy the process than be tempted to know-it-all to gain a head-start in a race that doesn’t even matter.

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