The real value in having a Plan B

I used to think having a Plan B is a sign of insecurity, having a weak mind or lack of commitment/loyalty to Plan A. I had my own reasons — each time I’ve had a Plan B, my mind would figure out creative ways to mess up my Plan As. I’m serious! And it didn’t feel as funny as it feels now.

I’m just glad it was a phase that I’m going through. I have a much different perspective now, thanks primarily due to all the projects, initiatives and the work I do. I’ve realised that having a Plan B isn’t just practical but also imperative to the survival of any project or business.

Listen, I get it that you were married to your Plan A but fuck-ups happen and as a leader you can’t stay devastated for too long, else you die! And that’s where Plan B comes in the picture — you’ve got to have pure appreciation for the randomness of life, business and everything in between to have one.

So, no hiccups or uncertainties, we know what exactly needs to be done if our original plan goes bust or just bombs out in the middle of a well-executed (or otherwise) plan. It’s what agile teams and people do, stay ready for the what’s not expected. And you can’t do that without planning for it.

I (now) believe that having a Plan B makes you unstoppable simply because you chose to have an alternative ready should you experience a setback. And both in life and business, you do. Always.

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