If it works for you, the reviews don’t matter

The past couple of weeks, I’ve made a bunch of risky purchases (for myself, thankfully) given the poor user ratings. I mentioned ‘risky’ because that’s exactly what my friends and family would say based on the feedback they read on the website. (And that’s precisely why I never ask either of them to shop on my behalf.)

The products, thankfully, turned out to be okay and work pretty well. And I believe, what happens to them in the future doesn’t have anything to do with my decision or the product by itself. Here’s why, no manufacturer worth their salt would put out a sub-standard product just because they want to make a sale. Chances of them doing that and you buying that exact product is… against great odds. So, stop obsessing about it.

Most importantly, let’s stop overanalysing the ratings. We waste an inordinate amount (2,3,4 and sometimes even 10 hours) of time obsessing over a $10 product! Only to chuck it out of your wish list or settling for a ‘better rated’ product. I don’t see a ROI there!

I thought it was obvious that user ratings mostly reflect bad experiences over good experiences, particularly for a less-than-average rated product. What we should come to terms with is that users can be dumb. I’ve been one. And so have you. So, let’s just buy the damn thing and get it done with. If the product’s faulty, return it and ask for a refund. Go for something else. It’s that simple.

Oh, you’re worried about losing out on precious time? You shouldn’t be. If this product was that damn important, you would’ve gone out of the way to get from a trusted source (a store or a dealer) yourself. That’s what we do now and will continue to do so in the years to come.

We don’t have to overthink this. If the thing works for you, the reviews just don’t matter.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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