Just give it some time

After every rolling session I’ve had in the past few months (since I’ve gotten back into BJJ) I get into this weird zone of self-doubt. Am I good enough? What’s the point of being so strong and yet not technically proficient? Why am I even doing this?

Thankfully, I the know the answer to the last one — I do it because I love it! The first two are the questions that almost everyone asks themselves. Particularly the ones who’ve been playing a sport before taking up jiu-jutsu (or like me, take it up seriously). And the answer to each of these questions is almost always the same — more time on the mat.

Now, let me tell you. That’s wisdom. But it’s also unfortunate because most newbies (including me) are looking for strategies (some are looking for shortcuts too and they won’t last long or be thoroughly disappointed) that’ll at least prevent us (to an extent) from getting our faces smashed. Wonderful idea but you’ve got to try it out on the mat with a real partner who won’t let you succeed the first 10, 20, 30 or 100 times you try it. Until one day, when you do. And getting take takes a lot of time and patience.

I guess the whole concept of putting in more time on the mats is what makes BJJ a great sport. It teaches you patience, the value of excellence and appreciate the journey to get there. If things were easy, jiu-jutsu would’ve sucked. It doesn’t because it’s not for everyone. I guess that’s what motivates me to go back, get smashed, get better and wiser.

Just amazed how much it correlates to our lives. We really can’t hope to live it until we’re committing to the hardships and realities of it, right? It may suck right now but giving it more time will make you better at embracing the suck.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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