Sweat more in training so you’ll bleed less in war

I heard that from Robin Sharma many, many years back and it’s still the core theme of what I do on a daily basis. And as I was digging up my archives for a gem or two of inspiration to keep going, I found this Lewis Howes’ interview with Robin a couple of years back. It’s an hour long but packed with insights, wisdom and ideas that will make you pause, reflect and take action.

One of the key themes in the 5m club is as you start your morning so you construct and build your day. The Spartan warrior said it amazingly they said “Sweat more in training and you’ll bleed less in war.” So you look at most people and the beginner day like 5 learn fire, you know they start checking their email, they start you know hitting the ground running and so what the 5m club method is really all about the 20/20/20 that has worked amazing results with the titans and the A-players and the billionaires and the sports superstars that I’ve worked with. And it’s simply the first 20 minutes of your day’s intense exercise and we can get into what’s important in terms of dopamine and reducing chorazol and epinephrine and then after that the second 20 minute pocket which we can get into all about reflection, which is where.

— Robin Sharma

Watch it right here:

Master Your Heart and Mind with Robin Sharma and Lewis Howes

Or listen in, if that’s your thing 😉

Podcast: Master Your Heart and Mind with Robin Sharma

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