How tension earns our attention

My left elbow seems to have blow up. The x-rays confirm that I have the golfer’s elbow. Early stages, thankfully, and I’ll be seeing my Physiotherapist to get this fixed. The situation also means that I will not be able to do barbell squats for the next few months. I’m just so that that I have alternatives — bodyweight squats, kettlebell front squats, goblet squats and Zercher squats (though done with a barbell).

Just a couple of days back I riffed about doing mobility and stretching drills everyday if you aren’t a teenager. I guess now you know why — external loads (weights, stress and whatnot) can break you. Your mental and/or physical strength don’t have a chance to protect or speed up your recovery. You’ve got to take care of yourself. Without fail.

Ironcially, you don’t pay much attention to these aspects until it starts to hurt a little. Someone wiser once said, “tension is what opens up possibilities and causes (meaningful) change.” And that’s been the story of my life — I’ve been ignorant for a good part of my life until something stuns me out of my wits and forces me to pay attention.

My elbow injury isn’t new. It’s been bothering me for the past 8-10 months but I didn’t bother to do anything until the pain got my attention. I went from being ignorant to writing a blank cheque! I know that’s insane but that’s what makes us human. We want to get rid of our pains as soon as we can but fail to go out of our comfort zone to prevent that from happening in the first place.

I know it’s weird to compare an injury to business development but I now realise how why the best salespeople out there focus on identifying the pain points before drawing their client’s attention towards it. It helps them offer a better solution to the challenge at hand or simply refer them to someone who can solve it for the client. All that needs to happen is for the latter to acknowledge the pain. That’s it — the sale is essentially made.

Be it sales or life, tension is what drives our attention. I guess failing to understand that is just a waste of our time.

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