Leadership doesn’t work until leaders do

One of my favourite questions for the guests on my podcast is “how does leadership work?” It’s fascinating to just hear their responses. Almost each of the guest have a different perspective on the whats and hows of the art of leadership and influence.

The best response I’ve got was from my dear friend, Brillian, who said that “Leadership doesn’t work until the leaders do.” I believe that’s so apt because the most common (and emphatic) response during a crises in any organisation is that the “leadership sucks.” And for the most part, it’s not the leadership but leaders who do. The latter simply define what leadership is to an organisation or community.

The fix? I wish I had one. The best way to discover our blindspots is by asking people. Some of the finest leaders out there would do so. And I’m not talking about surveys or other passive activities meant to convince people that the leadership really cares but deep, authentic conversations with people at the ground level on their expectations from the leadership and understanding where the gap is.

It takes courage to do but. But that’s what moves the needle as it’s easier to solve a problem once you identify it. As a leader, solving problems is what you do. And you’ve got a massive problem when it’s simply not working.

P.S. You might want to listen to the in-depth and wide-ranging conversation with my friend, Brillian, on ThisMightNotWork.

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