Quitting doesn’t always seem logical

I’m pretty much out of action these days — no lifting, no BJJ — thanks to this stupid ear flare that I should’ve taken care of 2 weeks back. No, I don’t have a cauliflower ear yet. I did get the clogged area drained out (twice already) and am possibly looking at a minor surgery. I hope that won’t be required… but living 24×7 with a bandaged head is irritating.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been bombarded with suggestions varying from — “what’s the point of taxing your body so much?” to “you’re playing with your damn life!” It’s just a frigging ear flare, folks! Chill the flip out!

Of course, I know all this is coming from a place of love and affection but what seems so logical and obvious simply isn’t. Not all physical training is about is abusing or overusing one’s body to the limits or beyond. And most of all, I’m not a competitive athlete for either of the sports but a dedicated student. That’s how I see myself and I believe that level of dedication is required to be better at anything in life.

Injuries are part and parcel of our lives. We can get them even we’re a lifelong desk-bound arm-chair athlete! While exposing yourself to physically challenging activities increases the risks of injuries, it also strengthens our bodies in ways that cannot be done otherwise. And it’s well established that the human body becomes much more resilient when active than not.

Yet, your loved ones would want to quit your sport(s) and do Yoga or some light stretching with some push-ups and squats (not that anything’s wrong with calisthenics, in fact I do them at an advanced level these days now that I’m not going to the gym)! It’s insane!

And that’s precisely I’m writing this post. I’ve come to the conclusion that explaining or arguing with your loved ones isn’t a feasible option. So, I just listen, nod for acknowledgement, and focus on getting better sooner or perhaps, as in my case, patiently wait for this phase to get over. Once it does, I can get back to my routine to restore my sanity, peace, purpose and meaning.

Yeah, I know, it’s sort of crazy but the message’s pretty clear — quitting is never an option.

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