Trade offs vs compromises

They’re not the same and they definitely shouldn’t be used interchangeably. But both do suck.

A comprise isn’t a win-win as most would like you to believe. It’s anything but that. I believe it’s the lowest form of agreement in which one party wins while the other gets to live with something less than satisfactory. And we’ve made lots of compromises in our lives. Some were worth it but most weren’t.

A trade-off on the other hand is a conscious choice you make to either move things along or get unstuck from your given situation. You always have the option to revisit later. We don’t do trade-offs as much as we should because we want it all and we want it right here and right now. And since that’s not realistic, we end up making a compromise.

That’s the story of our lives — the constant battle compromises and trade-offs primarily governed by our wants and needs. And since our wants would always outweigh the needs, we end up compromising a lot more than we have to.

Is it worth it? Yes, if you can be happy with the compromises. Only a few people can pull that off though. No, if you keep making compromises and wonder if there’s more to life than settling for less.

The alternative is to embrace trade-offs. Yes, it’s uncomfortable and pushes back on your wants but it also lets you make better choices.

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