A leader’s vision is always bought, not sold

Regardless of the size of the team or teams you’re leading, one of your greatest challenges as a leader will be to have the people buying into your vision. Because you cannot sell it to them. 

Shoving your vision down their throat isn’t really helpful. It might get some work done but it sure will make them resentful. And it some cases more rebellious, which might make your react into taking steps that will shake up the team’s trust in you, adding more fuel to the fire. 

This unfortunately is the usual story of a ‘manager’s life’ in most organisations. And we’ve discussed this before, using positional authority will only take your so far as a leader. It’s just ineffective.  

I think before the teams can you buy into your vision, they have you buy you in as a leader. That means you’ve got to have enough credibility to gain their trust. And you know quite well that people buy from people whom they like and trust. As a leader, your life isn’t any different. 

So the most important question is what do you have to do to build credibility as their leader? The answer is in understanding the 5 levels of leadership. Most importantly, working your way from being a Level 1, a position leader, to a Level 2, a relationship-focused leader. And to grow at this level, you have to start working with people by getting to know and connecting with them at a deeper level. 

Let me tell you, it’s easier said than done as building relationships is hard work and takes time. But despite the mounting pressure to get things it will be worth your time to focus on your relationship with the people you work with. If you wish to lead well and grow as a leader in the long haul.

And let me tell you, your credibility as a leader is directly proportional to the strength of your relationship with them. The more credible your are the easier it gets for your team to buy into your vision. 

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