Just believe

It’s 4:43 am. I just made my morning cuppa with the freshly roasted batch I bought last evening. It’s a variety that I’ve never tried and it smells wonderful! So much so that it took me back many years to one random morning when I was reading this new book by Robin Sharma.

It wasn’t one of his full-fledged fable-based books (not a fan of those despite that I have enormous respect for Robin) but ones with super short chapters. I remember reading how you can visualise yourself to become who you want to be by simply surrounding yourself around the people whom you admire and/or the places you want to be found.

One of the examples he shared included going to the most expensive coffee shops even if all you can afford is a bottle of water (or perhaps the smallest cup of coffee). The idea is to soak in the ambience, the atmosphere, and the feeling you get when you’re there because one day it just might become your new normal. Similarly, he shared how investing in an expensive watch (the most expensive you can afford) just might be cheaper in the long run as such watches don’t rely on trends but timeless fashion.

Although the ideas felt a bit corny at first, I did give them a try. And boy, did it not change my life and perspective for good? I certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve including making some life-long friends, building great relationships, tapping into powerful connections and even career opportunities by these seemingly irrelevant steps.

If you thought visualisation is powerful, the above exercise was visualisation on steroids! It exposed me to an environment that I never thought I belonged (or at least afford back then) so much that years later I just feel as comfortable as I am at home. Some of my friends and peers believe that I was born and bred into these things. Not so. I just conditioned myself and along the way scripted my own future.

I understand this might sound woo-woo but it’s for real. And no, it’s not about coffee shops or expensive watches or shoes or cars. In fact, it doesn’t have to be materialistic at all. It could be about people, relationships, and success in general. Anything that you can set your mind to so long as you do it conscientiously and with the right intentions, the best of success awaits you. Of course, I don’t think I have achieved everything that I’ve ever wanted but I think I have enough to be happy and content with. I know there’s so much more that awaits me in the future. All I need to do is to keep believing and be patient. So do you.

And until you get there, keep visualising. I define that as “dreaming with a powerful belief that it’s going to come true.” I can say that because that morning when I read that chapter from Robin’s book I happened to glance at my wall cock and it read 4:43 am. Full circle? Nope. But a powerful reminder that you can have everything you want in life as long as you believe in them.

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