Copying a routine wouldn’t magically make you productive

Some of your know that I’ve come to despise talking about productivity on this blog. We’ve got more than plenty of blogs and forums focusing on this little aspect of life and I don’t wish contribute to another growing statistic.

But then the question of “how to be more productive” keeps coming up. Irrespective of who I talk to. Be it my clients, colleagues at the workplace, leaders around me, friends, family, and even kids! Nobody’s got time to do it all and everyone feels they could’ve done so much more but didn’t have a clue. (And to avoid burnout, they then turn on Netflix… but let’s not go there.)

There’s no magic formula for productivity. To each his or her own. You have to reflect on your priorities and focus on getting those out of the way every single day. That’s about it! Everything else either has to wait or be delegated or put in the back-burner. That’s one concept that never fails to work. The challenge is that people are convinced that there are shortcuts. So, they copy other people’s schedules or routines to the point of obsession.

Let me tell you, copying what others are doing is not only a bad idea but it’s plain stupid. You’re not Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Gary Vaynerchuk, or some other person you admire. You do you. There are no perfect routines out there. You have to build one yourself. I know it’s hard work but it is what it is.

How do you start? Know what’s the most important to you, build a list of these things by order of priority, and figure out the best ways to focus on each of these aspects every single day. I know what you’re thinking, “But Sunil, what if I have a 100 things on this list?” Trust me, if you’re thought deep enough this list shouldn’t have more than five or six things, 10 things if you’re the insane kind but for most it’s much less.

What else? Well, start. Right now. And stop asking “how to get productive” because it’s the biggest waste of your time. Ironic, right?

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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