I don’t have the time to…

Write. Work on your side hustle. Read. Exercise. Or any other activity that directly contributes to your growth as a person, professional or an entrepreneur. I’ve heard it all. Everyone wants to do the hard stuff but nobody has the time to do.

Here’s a secret that everyone knows — make the time to do what you want to do. This, unfortunately, is a decision that you will have to make and follow through. And this is exactly why gurus out there propose that you wake up early or sleep in a hour or two after everyone has already slept. It works wonderfully! Just that it’s thoroughly inconvenient.

I also believe that saving on sleep isn’t going to make you any more productive than saving your way to being wealthy. You can waste your entire life dreaming on those lines. Just not worth it.

The alternative is to install sacred hours in your daily routines. What does that mean? The first hour of the day and the last hour before you sleep. Those are your most important hours in the day. Schedule your high value activities, the stuff you’ve been wanting to focus on but haven’t been able to.

But before you make this change, let everyone in the family know that you’re inaccessible during these hours. Not exceptions unless the house is on fire. If you fail to communicate this, you might as well not try at all! I know this sounds obvious but you’ll be surprised how often people forget this little step.

One great aspect about the “sacred hours” bit is that you don’t necessarily have to get up early or stay up late to get work done. They can be scheduled right after you wake up, whenever that is, so long as you have the discipline to isolate yourself and focus on the high value activities.

If you can tell, this takes a lot more doing than thinking. And that’s the whole point. If you’re more comfortable with the “idea” of writing/reading/exercising/working on your side-hustle everyday, forget about it. This isn’t for you. Pass it on to someone who’s passionate to make this happen but unsure how to go about it.

There’s a solution to every freaking problem is life as long as you can think creatively and are willing to do it.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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