The mountain of failures

While we definitely know there’s no such thing called an overnight success, we do assume the successful learned the art of compounding their minor successes overtime. And of course, it makes complete sense! How else would the elites get to where they are?

Based on this interpretation, we hustle our way to achieve our goals, to reach the top only to miss the mark and start over again. We keep at it until we find that “spark” of success that will change everything. Of course, nothing really happens and we either give up or finally get what’s really going on. Most unfortunately give up and begin to believe in this unfounded theory of “compounding successes” that favours a certain type of people — the successful.

The ones who get it, however, realise that the successful don’t really experience that spark of achievement that will change their lives forever. Heck, they aren’t even looking for it. What they’re seeking is learning experiences that can only be had if you screw things up! And do that a few times until you figure out the right way to get things done. Take notes. Rinse and repeat.

That in essence is how success works. It’s not a destination but a journey. Some would call it a journey of the proverbial 1000 steps. I call all this piling of failures as the building of a mountain. The mountain of failures where each breakthrough is your milestone. Once you reach there, you pause, reflect, and start to build another layer of failures before the next milestone until you build one massive mountain. Once you reach there the world will acknowledge you among the successful.

Focus on building our own personal mountain of failures. The best part is that you can start where you are right now. You only need to make your mind up to relinquish perfectionism (things will never be) and start taking risks.

Go forth and build your mountain, my friend.

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