Hitting unsubscribe might save your life

You know what I’m talking about — sales and promotional emails particularly from your favourite people and publications. Of course, not all of them deserve to see your trash can but the ones who’ve been quite regular about pitching their products and offerings certainly do. Here’s the reason why you should:

  1. Most are pitching their services in almost every email they send to you (that’s email copywriting at it’s best by the way).
  2. The content they provide is sub-par and mostly focused on their products, their lifestyle, and how you can make a million bucks sitting on your butt and working for just 10 minutes a day.
  3. You’ll end up buying something you will regret because the product is either sub-par or just isn’t worth the cost that you paid.

I share this from experience. For example, last year at around this time I bought an exclusive book from an “email marketing” specialist on producing content consistently for about a $150. Yup. Super-expensive! And I still can’t believe how I could buy such an expensive book.

The worst part was the content itself, which was not just generic but also obvious. Since there was a “no-refund” policy I didn’t have an option but to live with the damn book but I ensured that I did unsubscribe from this person’s daily emails. Good riddance!

Of course, your mileage may vary. But I’m not here to rant about that regretful purchase but how people/businesses are using email marketing to sell crappy stuff. I’ve come to believe that the best way to judge an offering is by the free content that you’ve been consuming all along. Has it been any good? Have you been able to implement it? If yes, has the experience been positive? Your decision needs to go through those filters before you should make a purchase.

This will become even more important in 2020 and beyond when a major chunk of our local/national/international businesses (including people) will be connecting with you via email. By now every business understands that money is not in the social platforms but your e-mailbox. And they would want to stay connected with you personally than through a medium just may become a barrier to communication.

My advice will be to hit unsubscribe as often as you can so that you consume content that is useful, informative, and isn’t trying to sell you something. At least not every single day.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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