Value proposition is overrated

Simply because every business, big or small, has one and I’m pretty sure your business’ got one too! That’s why your prospects want to know “the difference between you and the next guy who’s selling the exact same services for cheap”! Which simply means that “top-notch quality and excellent value for money” isn’t really what prospects want to hear.

What they really expect from you, a world-class consultant, is a great understanding of where they are at right now and how can you help them alleviate some of the pain. And you do this by sharing compelling insights that will make them realise that they’ve either been bleeding money all along or will in future if they fail to take any action. Of course, this calls for a great amount of investigation, research, analysis on your part because that is the value you bring to the table.

Why would you want to invest so much time on a deal that you’re not even sure to crack? Simply because you’re a sales professional or are responsible for business growth. That’s what you do. Now, you may wonder, “Sunil, isn’t this free consulting?” and I would argue that it isn’t because you’re not giving advice but sharing insights. The former gives away the cure while the latter is all about diagnosis that’s at a much deeper level.

So, get real or just not play. The days of relying on top-notch quality and value for money are long gone. As a professional, your responsibly is to solve the prospects problems and the only way you’re going to find those is by doing your home work. Yeah, it might slow you down but if your sales strategy is in place you are most likely focusing on your niche instead of every other business on the planet.

Stop reading. You’ve got some work to do!

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