The one thing you can’t screw up at the workplace…

Communication, what else? Ironically, it’s possibly the default aspect that we break at all times. Not because it is hard, we just make it for ourselves. Thanks to our desire to stay in-the-know at all times. And although communication breakdowns happen in organisations of all sizes, it’s the most prevalent in smaller organisations.

I believe the smaller an organisation is the more careful people have to be, especially the leaders who’re running the ship. They should be solid on the communication protocol amongst themselves and within teams. Remembering that loose lips always sinks ships will discourage gossiping, whining, and complaining at the top. It’s also sets a great precedence for the rest of the team to follow.

The above is essentially one of the most effective moves I’ve made at my workplace. It helps leaders to communicate (information, frustrations, challenges) within themselves first before cascading down to the team. If something’s wrong with an ongoing project, it’s imperative that we speak with the project manager incharge instead of speaking with his/her direct associate. No matter how tempted we are to help or intervene.

Of course, following protocol can feel cumbersome (even irritating) at times but it saves everyone a lot of trouble in the long run. Not to mention the sense of solidarity it showcases to the team.

Obvious, isn’t it? And let me assure you — it’s often the obvious that we skip only to let it bite back in our asses in due course.

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