You don’t have to buy it!

It’s amusing to see people go out of their way to bash up celebrity entrepreneurs. I watched a video (that somehow found it’s way in my feed) this morning where this gentleman calls some of the most famous names in the business world “contreprenuers,” for ripping people off! He even has a YouTube channel just for this purpose! I was simply blown away with all the negativity that we could do without.

Yes, he’s absolutely right about the high-ticket items (sometimes insanely priced) that some of these entrepreneurs sell! But if the price is too high for you, the product or service just may not be for you. There’s no obligation to buy in the first place. How difficult is that for you to accept?

An important question to consider is would you have bought the product had it been for a fraction of the cost? If the answer is yes, than you should buy it nevertheless instead of complaining about the price. But even then you probably won’t be happy because your attention has been on price instead of price from the get-go. And that’s okay but it doesn’t mean they’re ripping you off. You can’t afford it right now. That’s about it.

Nobody’s going out of the way to “target” you and your hard-earned money. You just happened to be in someone’s sales and marketing funnel. And it’s doing it’s job well. If you hate it, don’t get into one in the first place. If you like it, stop complaining. What were you expecting? Free goodies for the rest of your life? If yes, they should probably ban you from getting into their funnel in the first place!

Listen, I still despise folks that mindlessly sell (and then upsell) me products or services I don’t either need or is way below the perceived value. Nor do I appreciate being mindlessly targeted to try out a product or sign-up for a promotional newsletter or the like. But at the end of the day, it is my choice to buy or not buy a product or a service that’s being offered. That’s how businesses across the globe (especially online) work!

My advice is pretty simple — get a life, please. And you can start with hitting the unsubscribe button.

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