How to screw up your day royally

I’ve thought about this hard and long and here’s what you should do:

  1. Get up late.
  2. Check your YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds.
  3. Skip your “workout,” I’ve got to have some rest anyway.
  4. Hit the showers.
  5. Get ready and head to the office.
  6. While driving you remember, “Wait, what are your goals for the day? Screw it. Let’s go with the flow.”
  7. Reach office and check your emails…

A few hours later

  1. In a meeting and mindlessly nodding to whatever’s been discussed.
  2. Multiple water cooler/coffee-machine chats/smoke breaks
  3. More emails, meetings, and “discussions” around the latest and greatest challenges at the workplace, life, and everything in between. Oh, did you see the latest show of on Netflix?
  4. Head home.
  5. Let me spend time with “family.”
  6. Check emails. Respond to a few. Get frustrated. Respond to some more emails.
  7. Tired. Let’s flip on the TV or let’s go out to eat or order from out.
  8. (Optional) Snap open that bottle of wine or beer — you deserve it after all.
  9. Tired. Let’s sleep.

That might be a typical day for most people. I can tell because they either tell me or it’s just insanely obvious. And then we wonder why aren’t we successful or happier with our career? The answer, almost always, is in your schedule. Review it and make it right. You get a chance to do that every morning. (Or each night before you go to bed. Personal preference.)

Get a grip before it’s too late. Start with building your ideal day and do your best to make it work.

By Sunil Nair

Nurturing leaders of tomorrow.

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