Just start playing

I believe our biggest challenge today is that we’ve got access to way too much advice, suggestions, and opinions about anything and everything under the sun. So much so that, it’s border-line paralysing! No wonder why people procrastinate, they’re waiting for that magic pill to get delivered make it alright for them.

As humans, we’re resourceful enough to figure things out ourselves. That’s how we’ve been able to evolve. Sure, sharing and communication has been part of our evolution, but it isn’t the only aspect that has led to where we are today. Our ability to take action (which comes with risks), learning, and observing from the wins and losses made us better overtime. There are no shortcuts (despite that we’ve got a multi-billion dollar self-help industry offering shortcuts to success… but they really aren’t… you’ve got make it all work)!

My man Austin said it the best, “you’re fine without advice and suggestions. Just start playing!” And believe me, he’s right.

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