Creation and promotion

Ask any smart modern day content creator about their biggest obstacle and 9 out of 10 would say, “marketing.” They feel marketing is hard, gimmicky, and has gotten way too complex (read: data driven, sophisticated tools etc.) than it used to be. And each time I ask them to figure out a way nonetheless to showcase their work, there’s a push back. Usually in lines of, “I’m an artist, not a marketer.”

I believe everyone is a marketer. Think about it — we can’t help but share our work, thoughts, and the discoveries we make (by way of content curation) on the “information superhighway.” Some even go live or host their own videos shows on the socials! All of this is quite fun and comes naturally to us, doesn’t it? Yet, marketers would term these as “sharing content” or “promotions.”

If you were to break it down, marketing is the deliberate practice of sharing your work. And we know there’s nothing wrong with sharing our work. In fact, regardless of the scale that we create, our number one responsibility is to share our work. The more we do, better the chances that your work or idea catches fire and spreads.

While I know this is common knowledge, it surely isn’t common practice. And the ones who do practice are labelled a “sell-out” or “greedy marketer.” My belief is that creators and artists should spend an equal amount of time promoting it than just creating it. Anything less is a disservice to not just the society at large but to the creative profession as well.


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